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Female physicians negatively impacted by sexual harassment

In Kentucky and across the United States, sexual harassment has garnered major attention for its prevalence. Unfortunately, despite the strides that have been made to prevent it and give victims ways to receive justice, it is still a problem in a variety of industries.

Are you the victim of disability discrimination?

If you are living with a disability, you probably work hard to maintain your independence and overcome the many obstacles you face each day. Fortunately, many government agencies have established laws to protect your right to access the same places and opportunities available to those without disabilities. This includes the workplace.

Sexual orientation/transgender rights and the fairness ordinance

In Kentucky, there has often been concern about how LGBTQ people are treated in a variety of situations, including when they are seeking employment or are dealing with violations of the sexual orientation/transgender rights when they already have a job.

New rules for overtime might lead to wage and hour claims

Kentucky workers have long been concerned about overtime and when they will be eligible to receive it. One of the most common reasons for wage and hour claims is unpaid overtime and it is critical to understand the law when it comes to when there should be these extra wages paid.

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