Sexual orientation/transgender rights and the fairness ordinance

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In Kentucky, there has often been concern about how LGBTQ people are treated in a variety of situations, including when they are seeking employment or are dealing with violations of the sexual orientation/transgender rights when they already have a job.

While there are certain laws that are designed to protect these individuals, there have been worries that employers can use various loopholes to commit employment discrimination or flout the law entirely. Now, an increasing number of cities are passing the “fairness ordinance” to provide protection to LGBTQ people.

This can be important for those who believe they have been discriminated against and want to seek compensation. Thus far, 14 cities in Kentucky have passed the ordinance. It is meant to stop employment discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. It applies to various areas including employment, public accommodations and housing. Other aspects can be protected by the ordinance including the prevention of age discrimination, religion, race and more.

An advocacy group for LGBTQ people created the idea for the fairness ordinance. They want to have legislation to protect sexual orientation/transgender rights and stop discrimination. These ordinances have been in place in Lexington and Louisville for two decades.

Other towns and cities followed suit.

Around a quarter of the state’s population are now protected by the fairness ordinance. Recently, the state has come under scrutiny because many well-known residents have come out against LGBTQ rights. The denial of same-sex couples the right to marry and stated support from powerful government figures have been a worry for LGBTQ people.

With the growing number of areas where LGBTQ people are shielded, it is becoming easier for those who are confronted with employment discrimination to seek compensation for these violations. Still, LGBTQ people can face with illegal activities whether it is obvious or more covert. Having legal advice is important to protect sexual orientation/transgender rights and a legal firm experienced in discrimination and other employment issues can help.

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