Gender Discrimination Case: Jennifer Arbogast Partners with The Zoppoth Law Firm Against Glasgow City

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Jennifer Arbogast, appointed as Glasgow’s Police Chief in 2019 after starting as an officer in 2002, has taken legal action against the city for enduring gender discrimination. Despite her commendable service, she faced ongoing sexism, which the lawsuit details with specific examples of degrading comments questioning her suitability for her role due to her gender.

Arbogast, compelled to retire in April 2023 due to these adverse conditions, has had her claims corroborated by affidavits from ex-councilwoman Sheri D. Eubank and ex-officer Howard Garrison, who confirmed the prevalence of sexist attitudes within the department.

The lawsuit, which became public on April 4, awaits a response from the city. The Zoppoth Law Firm is representing Arbogast in her fight for justice.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the challenges women face in leadership roles, particularly in traditionally male-dominated fields. The Zoppoth Law Firm stands with Jennifer Arbogast in her pursuit of justice and equality.

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