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Former corrections employee files sexual harassment lawsuit

Even in the current climate where people in Kentucky and across the nation are encouraged to complain when they are facing sexual harassment in the workplace and those committing these acts are held accountable, it still happens with an alarming regularity. With sexual harassment, the illegal workplace behaviors often go beyond the one issue and people have their careers negatively impacted by it. They can be fearful and intimidated when they are treated this way and they may not know what to do about it. Having legal advice is a key part of taking the necessary steps to achieve justice.

Is requesting medical exams disability discrimination?

Disability discrimination does not necessarily need to be an overt act on the part of an employer or a prospective employer to be considered a legal violation in Kentucky. Some of the ways in which employers will avoid hiring a person who is disabled is to require them to take part in a medical examination or to answer medical questions as part of the terms of employment. If this happens and there is a suspicion or evidence that it was done to avoid hiring a person who has a disability or to fire someone who has been hired, there could be the basis to file a disability discrimination lawsuit to be compensated. Having legal assistance is key to determining whether a case is viable.

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