Former corrections employee files sexual harassment lawsuit

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Even in the current climate where people in Kentucky and across the nation are encouraged to complain when they are facing sexual harassment in the workplace and those committing these acts are held accountable, it still happens with an alarming regularity. With sexual harassment, the illegal workplace behaviors often go beyond the one issue and people have their careers negatively impacted by it. They can be fearful and intimidated when they are treated this way and they may not know what to do about it. Having legal advice is a key part of taking the necessary steps to achieve justice.

A lawsuit was filed when a former corrections employee in Kentucky said that she faced sexual harassment and discrimination. According to her, she requested light duty after suffering an injury at work in February 2017. She made this request several times, but it was denied every time. Seeking a resolution, she went to the Fraternal Order of Police — an entity named in the filing — and asked its president for assistance. She says that he told her he would assist her if she engaged in sexual relations with him. He then sent explicit photographs. Unwillingly, she sent photos of herself and was given light duty.

As she sought to remain on light duty, the president of the FOP said he wanted sex and/or more pictures. When she did not comply, he said the return on what he was doing to help her was insufficient. The man kissed her without permission and she was asked to leave with him. She said no. Not long after that, she said she would not have sex with him and was not going to send any more images. He cryptically wished her luck with her case. She was subsequently removed from light duty.

Workers who need changes to their work duties because of an injury have the right to ask for it without demands for sexual favors or explicit images. If they are forced to take part in quid pro quo to get benefits at work they are required to get and that involves sexual harassment, discrimination and other mistreatment, it is important to have legal assistance to consider the options for a lawsuit. Anyone who is dealing with sexual harassment should remember that they do not deserve to be treated in such a way and there is nothing to fear when seeking justice.

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