3 signs your boss may disregard your customer harassment claim

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Every employee deserves a safe work environment free of harassment and other forms of discrimination. Unfortunately, workplace harassment remains a problem. It can come from superiors, co-workers and even customers.

Employers have an obligation to investigate and resolve all reports of occupational harassment, but what if your harasser is a valued customer? The indicators below may suggest that your boss is planning to ignore the matter and hopes you will forget about it or give up.

They try to talk you down

Many employers can hesitate when faced with the prospect of calling out an important client’s or customer’s conduct. Often, the employer may try to rationalize the offensive behavior or brush it off as a minor mistake. They may repeatedly ask the victim if it could have been an innocent misunderstanding.

They fail to investigate

An initial report of harassment in the workplace should start a chain reaction of employer activity. They need to obtain an official account of events from you, speak with possible witnesses and interview the harasser, to name just a few early steps. Some employers are not enthusiastic about investigating a complaint involving a customer who spends a lot with the company.

They ignore requests for information

You have a right to know what is being done about your mistreatment, and your employer should keep you informed. If you never receive an update from your boss, ask outright for one. If they do not respond or ignore your requests, it could mean you need outside guidance.

Anti-discrimination and harassment laws can be complex and hard to understand. Having experienced legal guidance can help you learn more about workplace harassment laws in Kentucky and those at the federal level and help you protect your rights.

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