Can you discuss wages with your coworkers?

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Workplaces have rules that prohibit workers from certain things. But can what employees talk about be regulated? It depends. While it can be uncomfortable to discuss sensitive topics in the office, including politics, religion and sexual experiences, employees should be free to talk about vital matters, such as wages. 

It can be unfair for an employer to ask employees not to discuss salaries, as this may be a way to conceal discrimination. At times, the only way to know you are being paid less than the minimum wage or your colleagues is to have such discussions. However, you should be strategic when doing this.

Here are two tips to use.

Ask people you are close with

You may not be close with everyone in the office, and some people may be uncomfortable discussing their finances. Thus, consider asking the people you have become close with. 

If you need more information from colleagues outside your circle, you should approach the subject professionally. Let them know you wish to talk about wages when they have time. You should do this sooner, perhaps when you get to the office, to give them enough time to consider if they want to participate in the discussion.

Ask your employer about it

Once you confirm your salary is less than your colleagues’, you should ask your employer. Of course, they know they are paying you unfairly and may make up a reason for their action. Therefore, this tip is crucial for documentation. When you consider other options, it will be beneficial to have records to prove you reported the issue. 

Being paid less is stressful. If this is your experience, you should obtain more information about your case to protect your rights.  

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