Federal complaint alleges discrimination against female truckers

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Employment discrimination can begin before a person even gets a job. It’s often more difficult to prove when it occurs in the hiring process.

Nonetheless, a trucking company that has operations in multiple states, including Kentucky, is facing a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The suit alleges gender discrimination against women applying to be drivers since as far back as 2014. 

The complaint also alleges that the company, Gypsum Express Ltd., terminated a recruiter who pushed to hire more female drivers – even warning executives of the potential for a discrimination suit. The complaint further says that the company made conditions intolerable for one of its female employees to the point where she quit.

Some of the alleged discrimination occurred at a facility in Northern Kentucky

The lawsuit was filed in a federal court here in Kentucky. One of the company’s terminals is located in Ghent. This is where some of the alleged actions occurred.

The company reportedly used to require that new drivers be trained by drivers of the same gender. Since they had no females working as trainers, they reportedly prohibited recruiters from hiring women. However, even after they dispensed with that policy, they still rarely hired women drivers because, according to the complaint, the company’s president said “they just don’t work out.”

Lawsuit seeks damages and compliance with non-discrimination laws

The federal government is seeking damages for individual employees and applicants. It’s also asking the company to implement policies that prevent discrimination. The company responded to the suit with a statement that said in part, “The company has always been an equal opportunity employer, and we look forward to presenting our defense in court.”

Such government actions often begin with just one or two people speaking up about their experience. Often, it’s determined that their experience is part of a pattern that leads regulatory agencies like the EEOC to take action. If you believe you were the victim of discrimination in hiring or in your job, it’s wise to seek legal guidance.


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