Worker files disability discrimination lawsuit against Amazon

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Kentucky workers who are suffering from an illness or condition that requires various reasonable accommodations so they can do their job should be granted those accommodations without fear of not being hired or losing the job because of their issues. If they are dismissed and it is due solely to the disability or illness, they have the right to file a disability discrimination lawsuit. This is true regardless of the kind of job it is, even if it is against one of the biggest and most powerful companies in existence or a small “mom and pop” store. Having legal advice from the beginning is a critical aspect toward a successful filing.

A former worker at an Amazon call center was dismissed from his job, he claims, because he needed frequent restroom breaks because of his Crohn’s disease. He has filed a lawsuit after his dismissal. According to him, the company discriminated because of those necessary breaks. The case says that he was a good worker and did not get the breaks he should have, instead being forced to adhere to the designated times at which workers could use the restroom. The company did not comment, but stated there is no monitoring of restroom breaks.

The man’s filing accuses the company of breaking the workers’ time down to the last minute. There is electronic documentation to what they are doing and when, implying that the worker cannot do anything without the company knowing and regulating it. There have been previous complaints about Amazon centers. When the man was fired, he says a manager informed him it was due to “time theft.” He seeks a minimum of $3 million.

People who can do a job should not be penalized because they have an illness or disability. However, this happens quite frequently and people are victimized because of it. It is difficult enough having a condition that requires frequent restroom breaks. If it does not require unreasonable accommodation and the person can do the work, it should not be an issue. Still, many employers use other excuses to dismiss a worker when the underlying reason is disability discrimination. If this is believed to have occurred, calling a lawyer who specializes in disability discrimination and other workplace violations is the key to filing a case for compensation.

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