What should employees know about pay rates in Kentucky?

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Understanding wage and hour laws in Kentucky is crucial for employers and employees to ensure fair labor practices. These laws cover essential aspects like minimum wage, tipped wages and overtime, providing a framework for all compensation in the workplace.

Kentucky’s minimum wage law aligns with the federal standard. Employers must pay at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour as of December 2023. This ensures a base income level for all hourly workers.

Tipped workers have a different minimum wage

Tipped wages are another critical component of Kentucky’s wage laws. Employees who receive tips, such as restaurant servers, are subject to a different minimum wage standard.

While their base hourly wage can be lower than the standard minimum wage, their total earnings, which includes their base wage plus tips, must meet or exceed the regular minimum wage. If the combined amount falls short, the employer must make the difference.

Overtime hours must be paid appropriately

Overtime regulations in Kentucky are designed to compensate employees fairly for extended work hours. The law mandates that hours worked beyond 40 a week are paid 1.5 times the employee’s regular hourly rate.

This overtime pay ensures that workers are compensated appropriately for longer working hours, and it serves as a deterrent against excessive work hours imposed by employers. While employers may make rules against employees working overtime, those employees must be paid overtime wages if they do work those hours.

Employees who aren’t being paid what they’re due should ensure they learn their options for receiving appropriate compensation. This might include taking legal action, so working with someone familiar with this aspect of employment is critical.

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