Why checking your pay stub is so important 

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Whether you are paid weekly or monthly you likely receive a pay stub at the end of each pay cycle. Many employees take their boss at their word and assume that their pay is correct. Double-checking a pay stub can seem like an unnecessary hassle. 

However, it’s actually very important to check your pay stub every time that you receive one as it provides some vital information. Outlined below are just a few good reasons why you should check your pay stub

Are you being paid the right amount? 

You should be paid the rate that was agreed upon with your employer before you started. Ideally, you’ll have this written down in an employment contract. If you have been paid less than this amount, then you may be entitled to claim for what you are missing and have missed in previous pay cycles. The minimum wage in Kentucky is $7.25 so you should certainly never be paid less than this amount. 

Are you being paid for extra hours? 

You work a solid 40 hours per week at an agreed-upon rate. Nonetheless, rarely does a week go by where your boss doesn’t ask you to do a little extra. You don’t mind this as they have been good to you and you could use the extra money. However, it’s important that you remember that anything over 40 hours is likely classed as overtime which means you are entitled to extra pay. Your pay stub can tell you whether or not you have received overtime pay. 

It can be frustrating to learn that you have been underpaid but there are options open to you. Make sure you seek some legal guidance to strengthen your wage and hour claim

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