What to do after your wrongful termination

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At-will employment allows employees to leave work at any time, and an employer may also terminate the employment with or without cause. Different reasons can lead to a legal termination of employment.

However, in some situations, such as discrimination, whistleblowing and retaliation, a dismissal may not be legal. If you are fired for these reasons, you may have faced wrongful termination. This guide highlights what to do next.

Stay calm

Being terminated can be stressful. Accordingly, you may try to reverse the decision by telling your seniors why they are making a mistake. However, this may not be wise. It will help to calm down, take your belongings and go home.

Further, avoid reaching out to your colleagues to tell them your side of the story or ask what happened after you left. You should also not send emails to your employer. Retaliating may harm your wrongful termination claim.

Ask questions

Before you leave the office, politely ask your employer or the person in charge why they are terminating you. Ask questions to get in-depth information. This can help you recognize an illegal reason for the termination. Additionally, ask if you have been officially fired or suspended.

Gather evidence

Once you learn about the cause of your termination, start gathering evidence concerning it. For instance, if you requested a medical leave and afterward were terminated, collect the documents that indicate your break from work was permitted.

However, the reason your employer provides may not make sense. For this reason, you should assess recent actions. For example, if you have filed a workers’ compensation claim, your employer may be retaliating against you. Thus, gather evidence related to the claim.

If you suspect your termination may not have been legal, consider the tips discussed above. Further, learn more about your case to protect your rights.      

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