Qualifications and disqualifications for unemployment in Kentucky

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Losing your job, especially one you love, is a very tough situation to endure. It’s even tougher to deal with if you have children or other dependents to support.

If this happens, you can file for unemployment in Kentucky. But before you do, make sure you meet the criteria for unemployment. Some of these requirements include having worked in Kentucky for the past year, earning at least $1500 during the base period and being unemployed through no fault of your own.

Eligible reasons for claiming unemployment insurance

You probably want more information on what it means to be unemployed by no fault of your own. The points below further explain eligible qualifications for unemployment payments:

  • You went through a layoff: Your company made cutbacks or went out of business.
  • Your company furloughed you and your colleagues: Perhaps your company is pausing work for a few months, and you need money for a while until your boss calls everyone back.
  • Your employer reduced your hours: You don’t have to be jobless to receive unemployment insurance. As long as your hours weren’t cut due to personal reasons and you’re seeking extra work, you can claim unemployment as a part-time employee.

Disqualifications for unemployment insurance

With a few exceptions, these conditions will deny you unemployment benefits:

  • You quit: If you left your job voluntarily, you can’t claim benefits. That said, escaping a toxic workplace or a hazardous environment are valid reasons for getting unemployment payments.
  • Your employer terminated you: You’re not eligible for unemployment if your employer fired you for poor work performance, engaging in illegal activities or other types of misconduct. But, if you felt you were unjustly let go, you can receive benefits provided that you have sufficient evidence for your case.

Learn as much as possible about unemployment eligibility to prepare for a worst-case scenario. Better yet, reach out for legal assistance to aid you in your personal situation.

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