Are grooming standards discrimination in the workplace? 

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Grooming standards are often used in the same way that dress code is implemented. The employer has a certain way that they want employees to look, and they inform them about this appearance. This may mean it has an impact on how they wear their hair or whether or not they have facial hair.

If your employer tells you that you need to change your look for the workplace, you may be frustrated. You may even think it’s a form of discrimination. Are they allowed to use these grooming standards or are they violating your rights?

The standards must apply to everyone

The key is that the grooming standards need to apply in the same way to all of the workers. The employer cannot put a standard in place that is going to negatively impact a specific group of workers more than anyone else. If s, this may constitute discrimination against that specific group.

It can also be problematic if some people are told that they have to follow the grooming standards and others are not. This type of discrepancy could be discrimination against the group that is being told they must follow those standards. Even if the official policy says that all employees need to do so, there can be problems when these rules are only enforced for certain individuals.

Essentially, it all comes back to fair treatment. If all the employees are being treated fairly and equally, then the standards are probably fine and they can be upheld. If some of the employees are being discriminated against or treated unfairly, then the grooming standards may be illegal and employees need to know what steps they can take

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