Don’t let the fear of a virus subject you to unfair treatment

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Discrimination is against the law, but that doesn’t always stop people from doing things that are discriminatory. Recently, the coronavirus coming to America has made many people fear Asian communities, and this is having an awful affect. Asian stores and grocers are struggling for business, and Asian people working throughout the community have been affected by others’ concerns that they might be carrying the virus, even if they have not been exposed.

You should not be discriminated against based on your race for any reason. Whether you’re Chinese, Japanese, Korean or have other Asian heritage, you deserve to be treated fairly, especially in the wake of such a significant illness. You do not deserve to be treated differently just because you look like people from a country where the illness is spreading.

In the workplace, your employer should be cautious not to ask you to do anything that could be construed as discriminatory. For example, you should not be asked to get tested for the coronavirus unless everyone in the workplace is getting that testing. You should not be asked to stay home when other workers are able to come into the office.

The coronavirus is spreading through the country, and much like the flu, it can affect people of all kinds. You should not have to worry about mistreatment on top of the concerns about this illness. If you are harassed or discriminated against, you may want to look into your legal options for pursuing compensation and stopping that harassment in your workplace. Your attorney will help you understand if you could have a case and what you need to provide to show proof of the discrimination you’ve faced.

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