Women may be losing millions due to the wage gap

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The wage gap between men and women has made headlines throughout the last ten years with female employees in all industries talking about the income challenge. However, a recent study found the gap may be even more pronounced in high-earning fields, such as medicine or finance.

According to CNN, multiple analyses found large income gaps from male executive to female executives; men make millions more than their female counterpart. The same was true for female doctors and lawyers as the male lawyer earned 53 percent more than a female partner.

While the wage gap is a national issue, there are specific reasons why the difference is so prevalent among high-paying industries:

  1. Less bargaining power – studies show women are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to negotiating wage due to female stereotypes and employers’ actions against women who ask for higher salaries.
  2. Fewer connections – in the legal field, your salary is often determined by the amount of high-touch clients you bring to a specific firm. Many women have less access to expensive clients due to negative stereotypes and are offered less income because of it.
  3. The rarity of women in leadership roles – women are less likely to receive leadership roles in high-valued companies, so when a woman has an opportunity, they may accept less money than a male counterpart could.

These are only a few reasons why women may see a wage gap in higher-income positions than their male partners. It makes it critical for working women to recognize gender discrimination and seek equal treatment in the office.

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