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Severance Agreements

In some terminations or layoff situations, an employer may offer a severance package or agreement that includes the outgoing employee’s agreement to not sue the employer for wrongful termination or related legal claims in exchange for the employer’s agreement to give the employee some form of additional compensation. Employers are more likely to increase your severance or benefits if you have an attorney negotiating on your behalf.

You should contact an attorney immediately after receiving any type of severance agreement.

All severance agreements include a deadline in which to respond or accept, and an attorney will need a reasonable amount of time to create a strategy and list of demands upon your previous employer.

How We Can Help

Our experienced employment lawyers can assist you in negotiating an enhanced severance package and protect your rights as an employee. Employers write severance agreements to protect themselves. Your employer will most certainly be represented by legal counsel (they very likely drafted the severance agreement for your employer), thus you should have your own legal counsel too. We will help you negotiate the best severance package available from your employer and ensure that your rights for future employment are protected.

Do not sign any agreement from your employer until you’ve had the agreement reviewed by an attorney. Tell your employer that you need some time to consider the agreement and call one of our employment attorneys immediately. There is no fee for an initial consultation. We’ll review the circumstances surrounding your termination and determine if your employer is engaged in any unlawful acts related to it.

You May Deserve More Than You Think

Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to more than what your employer is offering. Kentucky Employment Lawyers has handled numerous such severance negotiations for employees and in the majority of these negotiations, we have been able to obtain additional severance and benefits than what was initially offered by the employer.

Contact Kentucky Employment Lawyers to discuss your severance options with one of our experienced employment lawyers right away. We will negotiate with your employer or the employer’s attorney to ensure that you receive the best possible severance package and that your legal rights are protected.  Set up a free consultation by calling our office here in Louisville at 502-791-9296 or by contacting us online.