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Race Discrimination

It’s a relief to workers here in Kentucky and across the country that out-and-out racism is less common in the workplace these days. Unfortunately, it now takes on a more subtle nature. Employers, co-workers, managers and supervisors may now discriminate against certain employees in less obvious ways.

What The Law Says

Below are highlights of the federal law regarding race discrimination:

  • Even if employment policies or practices apply to all workers, it may be discriminatory (and illegal) if it produces a negative impact on an employee of a certain race or color.
  • Race cannot be a factor considered by an employer in the hiring, firing, job assignments or pay of its employees, among other aspects of employment.
  • The law defines race discrimination as treating an employee differently or unfairly because he or she is or shares characteristics with people of a certain race or color.
  • Harassment, including racial slurs, derogatory remarks or racially offensive symbols are prohibited by law.
  • The harassment must be continuous and severe to create what is called a “hostile work environment,” although the discrimination itself would still be illegal.
  • Practices regarding promotions, disciplinary action and termination may not be used in order to discriminate against a person of a certain race or color.
  • If you complain to your employer about discrimination, you may be protected from retaliation.

If you believe that your employer may be discriminating against certain protected individuals in the workplace, you should contact our attorneys to find out for sure. These are not the only instances in which race discrimination may occur. In order to know for sure whether your situation constitutes discrimination, you may want to discuss it with an attorney.

You May Need Support

Kentucky Employment Lawyers takes this issue seriously and believes that no one should have to put up with race discrimination. This is just one reason why the firm offers a free initial consultation in which you may find answers about your rights, ways to deal with it in the workplace and the legal options you may have. If your employer fails to resolve the situation, we can help you with any future lawsuit that may be necessary.

If you find yourself suffering from race discrimination and don’t know how to proceed, call Kentucky Employment Lawyers at our Louisville office at 502-791-9296 or contact us online.