5 examples of sexual harassment that people overlooked

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Everyone should feel safe in the workplace, but one may be denied this right by experiencing sexual harassment. Kentucky state law prohibits unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual acts of favors, reciprocal favors (quid pro quo sexual harassment) and other physical and verbal sexual conduct.

While some sexual harassment actions are obvious, others are subtle and can go unnoticed. Examples may include:

Blocking someone’s way

When someone in the office blocks your way without a reason it may be considered sexual harassment. If they want to communicate with you, they should politely stop you. Blocking your way while staring at you can be scary.

Invading your personal space

Personal space is crucial – it’s uncomfortable to have someone so close to you. And in some instances, they may not even move when you ask them to.

Following you around

It can be a coincidence to run into a colleague or senior a couple of times, for example, in the hallway, the break room and so on. However, you should be concerned when they show up everywhere you go, paying excessive attention to you. There is a high chance they may be following you around.

Talking about their sexual experiences

Sexual conversations should be avoided at work unless when the company is informing employees of sexual harassment policies or handling a case. Someone talking to you about their sexual experiences or doing so with another person in your presence can be uncomfortable.

Accidental touching

Accidents happen – someone may brush up against your body. However, if this keeps happening, they may be doing it intentionally, hence it may constitute sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment can be any unwelcomed conduct of sexual nature. Thus, if you didn’t invite an action, you may have faced this harassment type. You should learn more about your case to protect your rights.

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