Do you know your rights as a Kentucky transgender employee?

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The face of employment law in the U.S. has undergone a fast, welcome change in recent years. At last, transgender employees feel freer to assert themselves for fair treatment in the workplace.

You may know you have transgender rights and protections in your place of work, but do you know what comprises these rights? If you don’t, you might not have the details you need to identify willful or accidental violations.

How does Kentucky score in workplace gender equality?

Statewide, Kentucky has a poor rating for implementing gender identity policies. However, many local governments, including Jefferson County, have enacted anti-discrimination policies. Employees in this county can rest easy knowing they have policy protection against gender discrimination.

Occupational rights for Louisville transgender workers

To ensure your protection, consider learning more about your specific workplace rights under Kentucky employment laws. In the meantime, we have included a few basic examples to help you identify possible violations.

You have the right to:

  • Protection from being refused a job because of sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Access to restroom facilities that are concordant with your gender identity
  • Safety from termination based on gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Choose whether or not to share your transgender status at work
  • A work environment free of harassment and discrimination

Those experiencing habitual transgender discrimination in the workplace have legal options, even in states with no clear anti-discrimination laws. Since federal law prohibits employers from discriminating against transgender individuals and other protected statuses, you may have options you have not yet considered.

Becoming familiar with Kentucky and federal employment laws can ensure you find a solution that meets your needs as a transgender worker.

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