How can you handle bullying at work?

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Workplace bullying has become extremely common and can occur in any setting and industry. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that bullying doesn’t always involve physical actions. It can also be verbal, psychological and non-verbal.

If you have been a victim of workplace bullying, you may wonder what you can do and what options you have. Regardless of what you may think, you don’t just have to deal with it.

Find out if there’s a company policy about bullying

A good first step when dealing with a workplace bully is to find out if your company has set rules or a policy about this. If so, you can take the issue to HR or management and expect it to be dealt with. There will be outlined consequences and actions in this case.

Document the bullying incidents

Each time you are bullied, in any way, be sure to document it. Keep a journal, which will help you show what has been going on when you report the situation. The more information you have about the incidents, the more likely you are to prove your claim and ensure action is taken.

Take legal action

If no results come from the tips above, you can file a harassment lawsuit. This is usually a last resort since doing this can be a long and drawn-out process. However, there’s a good chance that you are not the only victim of a workplace bully, and acting against them will help make the workplace more comfortable and pleasant for everyone.

Handling a workplace bully

If you are the victim of a workplace bully, you have options. There’s no need to ignore it or deal with it, as bullying is viewed as a type of harassment. Because of this, there are legal options you can consider.

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