Transgender employees still face many challenges at work

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Transgender employment in the U.S. has made positive strides in recent years. However, some workers continue to be victims of harassment and mistreatment.

For example, trans employees report feeling constantly humiliated in the workplace. Further, outright abuse and sexual harassment remain problematic for most transgender employees.

What other obstacles must trans workers overcome?

Managers and supervisors often commit these offenses, but so can coworkers and maybe even customers, depending upon the type of business. Other challenges for transgender employees include:

Bathroom access problems. Some workplaces try to prevent trans workers from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. As a result, they may not be able to use a restroom where they feel comfortable.

Pressure to hide. In a recent poll, about 71% of trans workers report feeling pressured to hide their gender identity while at work. Feeling forced to hide one’s identity affects their ability to bond with co-workers and enjoy a meaningful work experience.

Associated hiding issues. Getting a job usually means undergoing a background check, which will likely reveal a person’s recorded gender at the time of their birth. As such, trans employees may have no choice but to disclose that they are trans, even if they don’t want to.

Exercising your rights in the workplace that many other people take for granted can feel overwhelming. However, the steps you take have the power to make the workplace better for you and future generations of trans employees. Learning more about harassment and discrimination against trans workers can help you avoid further mistreatment and take steps to stand up for your rights.

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