Workers claim sexual harassment and discrimination at local jail

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Kentucky workers have the right to be treated respectfully and within the confines of the law when at work. Unfortunately, there are employers, supervisors and coworkers who fail to adhere to the law. Often, a person doesn’t realize that he or she is a victim of sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, or wrongful termination until they become aware of how the law protects them. When workplace violations have occurred, it can help to discuss the matter with an experienced employment law attorney, which may be the case for several employees at one jail.

There, a local jailer is accused of making derogatory comments about female workers and crafting an unprofessional and hostile work environment. This behavior was apparently caught on surveillance video. One female former worker stated that these types of incidents were common at that workplace. The jailer demeans female employees and behaves in a chauvinistic way toward them. She said that as many as 35 female workers have departed the workplace due to his treatment.

The woman who was quoted filed a whistleblower lawsuit. She was an employee at the facility for 16 years and was dismissed in August. The reason given for her termination was that she committed a violation of workplace’s restrictions on social media usage. She was four years away from being able to retire. In the filing, she claims wrongful termination and mentions the treatment of other women. She wants to return to her job and receive back pay. She is asking for a jury trial.

When there are problems at work caused by the illegal behavior of an employer or others in the workplace, it is important to understand the law. Whether it is wrongful termination, retaliation, sexual harassment, failure to pay severance, or failure to pay proper wages and benefits, a law firm experienced in these issues may be best suited to advise on how to proceed. Employers and supervisors cannot simply act in any way they choose. A lawsuit might be able to help hold them accountable for their actions while compensating those who have been wronged.

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