Fast food franchise plans training to curtail sexual harassment

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Fast food workers in Kentucky and across the nation are vulnerable to a variety of workplace abuses, from wage and overtime issues to sexual harassment. Although the plight of these workers is being addressed with new laws designed to ensure they are compensated fairly and are not subjected to harassing behaviors without recourse, it is still an issue. When there is sexual harassment or other workplace illegality that may be taking place, it is imperative for the victims to understand their rights so that they can take legal action to protect themselves, if warranted.

The fast food franchise McDonald’s has been inundated with allegations of harassment and how it has handled them. Now, there will be a required training program that is designed to show supervisors and lower-level employees how to behave within the confines of the law. The program is set to start in the coming months. The training is meant to prevent violence in the workplace, show workers how to intervene, stop bullying, and detail how to complain about wrongdoing. The training program began in late-2018 and was directed at franchisees and management personnel.

Earlier this year, there was a litany of complaints as to how McDonald’s dealt with allegations of sexual harassment. There were 23 complaints levied by several entities invested in worker rights, 20 of which were sent to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The remainder of the complaints were filed in civil court. The company states that it is seeking to improve its method of protecting employees and ensuring that any misbehavior and mistreatment is dealt with appropriately.

Regardless of attempts to give fast food workers more protections, these individuals are still vulnerable to mistreatment from owners, superiors, and coworkers. Since these individuals are frequently frightened of losing their job if they complain, they tend to suffer in silence. Whether it is sexual harassment or any other form of workplace discrimination or abuse, it is essential to have legal assistance when confronting trouble in the workplace. This guidance may lead to accountability and the recovery of compensation for damages suffered.

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