Sexual harassment on the job warrants a legal filing

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The term “sexual harassment” is becoming synonymous with legal filings for workplace violations in Kentucky and across the nation. Part of that is due to the newfound willingness many victims are exhibiting in speaking up to put a stop to the behavior. Part of it is because the “me too” movement on social media and other positive steps have shined more light on the issue. Regardless of why people are feeling free to come forward, there remain a significant number who are unsure of how to respond when they have been confronted with sexual harassment. Fortunately, there are legal remedies to be compensated after being sexually harassed.

Despite greater attention paid to sexual harassment, many are still unsure of what constitutes a legal violation in this context and when they can pursue compensation. It is not a simple matter of unwanted touching and sexually aggressive and inappropriate comments. Of course, these actions will generally be sufficient to file a complaint about sexual harassment. But it can extend to acts many are unaware of as being sexual harassment.

Jokes that are suggestive and sexually explicit, bumping into someone in a sexual way, making sexual innuendos, showing images – even cartoons – that are sexual in nature, requesting sexual favors, asking for dates, and sending inappropriate messages all fall into the context of harassment. People who have been sexually harassed might blame themselves. They could be fearful of retribution and retaliation on the job for complaining. Or they might not be cognizant of their rights. These are understandable considerations, but they should not dissuade a person from seeking justice for what they have been facing on the job.

Simply letting the matter go is unwise as it will often continue unabated and it leaves others open to the possibility of being harassed. Even if a person is unsure as to whether they have been sexually harassed under the law, it is still a wise step to contact a law firm that handles employment law and sexual harassment to discuss the case. A consultation can provide information and guidance as to the next step to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace and employees who have been mistreated in this way have the right to seek help and compensation.

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