Hotel manager accused of religious and sexual harassment

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Workplace harassment can come in many forms and Kentuckians who are subjected to it should be aware that they have rights when they believe their jobs are impacted by it. Some incidents are more unusual than others. When there is an issue at work regardless of its catalyst, the worker should not hesitate in seeking legal advice. A lawsuit can put an end to various forms of illegal behavior whether it is sexual harassment, religious discrimination, wrongful termination and more. It can also lead to compensation.

A former worker at a hotel has asserted that he was harassed by his boss and quit because of it. The manager of the hotel asked him questions about sex and his religion. She also told him he needed to have an exorcism to get rid of demons. The man had worked at the hotel beginning in June 2016. He worked from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. When the manager became aware that the man was divorcing, she began talking about religion and demons. She told him that he needed to be “cleansed” if he was going to keep working for her. She claimed the process was like an exorcism.

The man was then given a series of questions that she told him he needed to answer. They centered around his church, his religious beliefs and how frequently he prayed. Sexual questions were included as were questions about mental health issues. He did want to follow her orders to respond to the questions, but needed to retain his job and reluctantly did so. He did not finish the form, however. His shift was changed after he refused a cleaning. He lost days off; his duties were altered; his wages were stagnant; and his job was threatened. Eventually, he quit. He has filed a lawsuit for compensation.

People have the right to go to work and not be questioned or harassed about personal issues. Unfortunately, some workplaces do not adhere to the law regulating against these behaviors. For those who are harassed or retaliated against because of issues that have nothing to do with work, there are options to be compensated in a legal filing. Calling a law firm that has experience in wage claims, sexual harassment, religious harassment and more can be of assistance.

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