Legal help is often needed to collect severance in Kentucky

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Losing a job in Kentucky can be a difficult situation to face. For many workers, the sting of the job loss can be eased ever-so-slightly by the comfort that they are set to receive a severance package as they depart. However, there are circumstances where it is necessary to negotiate the severance agreement. The sides might not be on the same page when it comes to compensation and other benefits. Understanding what steps to take and the legal underpinnings of a severance agreement is vital to that end.

When some workers are dismissed or laid off, a severance package or some other form of agreement to prevent the former employee from filing a lawsuit against the company is common. The details of the severance agreement might not be completely clear. If the employer makes an offer that the employee does not deem fair, the employee is not obligated to accept it. Negotiation can improve the offer and a law firm that specializes in employment law and severance can ensure that the employee gets the maximum. This is especially important if there is evidence that wrongful termination might be taking place or other issues that could warrant a legal filing have happened and the employer wants to avoid that. The severance package can cover that and compensate the employee.

There is generally a deadline with a severance agreement and the employee must respond and accept it in a certain window. A legal professional will require a certain amount of time to assess the offer and examine it to see if it is fair and viable. The lawyer will also need the opportunity to consider a counteroffer and make the proposal to the employer. Getting the most in a severance package requires deft negotiation and a comprehensive grasp of the issues at hand.

People often make the mistake of agreeing to a severance package without negotiating and seeing if there is wiggle room to improve the offer. Calling a law firm with a history of helping clients with their severance package is a wise step before coming to an agreement. This should not be ignored even as the employee is considering his or her options on how best to move forward after termination or a layoff.

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