Women file sexual harassment claim against fellow worker

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Despite the recent attention paid to people who have been confronted with sexual harassment in the workplace and steps to put a stop to it, it is an unfortunate reality that the behaviors that constitute sexual harassment continue. For people in Louisville and throughout Kentucky, this can have a negative impact on how they do their job. It might even force them to leave if they are unable to function and nothing is done to put a stop to it by their employer. One avenue to deal with the issue is to contact a law firm that specializes in helping employees with their work-related issues including sexual harassment.

Several women at a nursing home allege that a man who worked with them committed multiple acts of sexual harassment and even assaulted some of them. The women have filed a case seeking compensation for what they say occurred. According to them, the man committed these acts over the last two years. Their civil lawsuit names the man and the facility.

They had complained about it, but nothing was done. According to their case, the man groped the women, grabbed them in various areas of their bodies, slapped their backsides and spoke to them inappropriately. He is also alleged to have done this to patients at the facility. Two women were under 18 when he harassed and abused them. That also say they faced retaliation for complaining. The man was dismissed from his job and is facing criminal charges.

There are many ways in which people can be sexually harassed in the workplace. That obviously includes owners, superiors and fellow workers making sexual advances. However, people might not realize that it can also include contractors, customers and outside clients. Their behaviors can include touching, making jokes, sexual innuendos, slurs, requesting sexual favors and retaliating when they are not provided, and showing offensive material. There are many more behaviors that constitute sexual harassment. Often victims are reluctant to speak up because they are concerned about their job or do not think anything of consequence will be done to put a stop to it. However, a legal filing is a way to be compensated. Calling a law firm that has experience in helping those facing sexual harassment is key.

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