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Sexual orientation/transgender rights and the fairness ordinance

In Kentucky, there has often been concern about how LGBTQ people are treated in a variety of situations, including when they are seeking employment or are dealing with violations of the sexual orientation/transgender rights when they already have a job.

Proposal could impact sexual orientation/transgender rights

Kentucky residents who are part of the LGBTQ community have natural concerns that their personal lives can negatively impact their employment. While their rights are supposed to be protected under the law, it is unfortunately common for there to be attempts by those who discriminate against LGBTQ people to find ways to infringe on those rights. Recently, there are concerns regarding a new proposal that might implicitly allow employers to discriminate against those in the LGBTQ community. Although the new proposal is not yet the law, it is important for those who believe their sexual orientation/transgender rights are in jeopardy or have already been violated to understand what steps they can take next.

Supreme court to decide on sexual orientation/transgender rights

In Kentucky and across the nation, there is still a dispute as to how far anti-discrimination laws should go in protecting people based on sexual orientation/transgender rights. There are many laws shielding employees or prospective employees who are confronted with disability discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and more. But there is an ongoing debate regarding this issue as it is gaining greater attention. This will be a critical concern in the future and people should be aware of it to ensure their rights are protected.

Were my sexual orientation/transgender rights violated?

Increasingly, Kentuckians and people across the United States are feeling free to be who they are and not live in fear that coming out with their sexual orientation or as a person seeking to be or is already transgender will cost them their job or an opportunity at a job. People who fall into the sexual orientation/transgender rights category should have the ability to achieve just as anyone else. While it is a best-case scenario that everyone is tolerant and understanding, that is not always the case.

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